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    Protector Van Alarm

    Only £549.00 £349! Fully Fitted at Your Location

    The Protector Van Alarm protects the rear of your van only as the base alarm and comes with some options to upgrade and increase security.

    It’s a simple solution that has a detector in the rear of the van and 2 x 120W sirens.

    You arm and disarm with one of the two supplied remote controls so simple to use.

    • 2 X flashing LEDs on the dash showing alarm is active and warning thieves that aftermarket security is fitted.
    • 2 x 120W sirens by either the door or in the rear of the van
    • Email and App Notifications
    • Full Fleet Tracking – See the live location, vehicle history, current speed, and geofencing.

    Available Upgrades:

    • Cab Protection (£99.00)
      It’s only the back of the van that’s protected by default, add cab protection so if anybody smashes the windows, opens the doors, or forces the doors open when the alarm is set it goes off and you get your email and app notification.
    • 2x Additional 120W Siren Under Bonnet (£149.00)
      Extra 2x 120W Sirens fitted. With this upgrade, you have four 120w sirens so 480W of noise! Alerting everyone around if activated.
    • Immobilisation (£149.00)
      Add immobilisation as an extra layer of security to stop the vehcile from being driven away. This great extra feature is on the APP so you can enable immobilisation yourself from anywhere. Even if somebody has the key the van will not start. Ideal if you have staff and you don’t want them using the van or you are away on holiday and leaving the keys at home.
    • S5 Insurance Approved Tracker For Alerts and Notifications (£149.00)
      Requires the immobilisation upgrade above. An amazing deal! Normally costing over £549.00 all this installed for just £300.00 – saving a huge £249.00! The Scorpion Tracker subscription is £12.49 a month and gives you 24/7 monitoring, so the monitoring station would call you if your alarm is activated as well as being the highest level of insurance approval.
    • Alarm Alert Package (£99.00)
      If the alarm is activated you will receive notifications from the APP – If it’s a iPhone you get multiple notifications that the alarm is going off. This is also a full fleet monitored tracker service so you can see on your APP a live location and where the vehicle has been and the speed it’s being driven. Full geofencing is available so you get notifications if the vehicle leaves your house or office etc.
    • Blue Light Pack (£99.00)
      Includes 2 x flashing blue LED signs in your van windows at the front that flash on and off when the alarm is set to deter criminals.

    Please note: There is a £9.99 monthly subscription charge for the tracker.

    All This For Just £349.00!

    999 Vehicle Security also offer 0% finance over four months so for just £87.25 per month.

    Features Protector Protector Pro Protector Pro S5
    Cab Protection Optional
    Back of Vehicle Protection
    Separate Immobilisation Optional
    120W Siren Rear
    2x 120W Siren Rear
    2 Bright Blue LED Lights in Pillars
    Warn Away System
    Additional 120W Siren Optional
    Scorpion S5 Insurance Approved Tracker Optional
    Phone Call Notification
    Email Notifications
    App Notifications
    Immobilise From Phone App Optional
    Fleet Tracking
    0% Finance Available
    Mobile Fitting Service

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