999 Van Security Protector Range

The Protector range of alarm systems is designed and installed by 999 Vehicle security, it’s not a boxed kit and not available from any other supplier.

All our alarms are designed on the basis of our knowledge of the industry & van crime to ensure you have the best system to protect your tools and van.

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    Van Alarm Systems

    The Protector Van Alarm range by 999 Vehicle Security is bespoke alarms that help prevent your van from theft & secure your tools and valuables. The cab and rear of the van are protected as the alarm detects forced entry including smashed windows and peeled or opened doors. When the alarm is activated, the van’s horn sounds, its indicators flash and a 120w loud siren is triggered in the rear of the van.

    Van Alarms With S5 Trackers

    The Protector Pro S5 is a bespoke alarm that help prevent your van from theft & secure your tools and valuables. Designed to warn away potential thieves, before any damage is done. The S5 tracker is supplied by Scorpion automotive who have manufactured vehicle security and tracking since 1973. The system is also a full fleet tracker so you can see a live location on the APP and the vehicles history. You can also set geofences, so you get alerts when a vehicle leaves and arrives at locations.

    Compare Our Van Alarms

    Defender Alarm
    • LED On Dash
    • 2 X 120w Sirens In Rear Of Van
    • Simple Remote X2 To Arm & Disarm
    • Phone Call / Emails/ Notification On Alarm Activation
    • Full Fleet Tracker Facility
    • Everything in the Defender Alarm Plus:
    • Cab Protection
    • Separate Immobilisation
    • Indicators Flash When The Alarm Is Activated
    • 2 Bright Blue Led Lights In Van Pillars Flash When Alarm Is Set
    • 0% Finance Available
    Protector Pro
    • Everything in the Defender & Protector Alarm Plus:
    • Warn Away System
    • Additional 120W Siren In Cab
    • Shock Warn Away
    • 0% Finance Available
    Protector Pro S5
    • Everything in the Defender & Protector & Protector Pro Alarm Plus:
    • Scorpion S5 Insurance Approved Tracker
    • Phone & Email Notifications
    • App & Fleet Monitoring
    • Geo Fences - Notifications If Van Goes Outside Of Location
    • 0% Finance Available

    Protector Van Alarm Benefits

    96% Theft Recovery Rate

    Protector Pro S5 vehicle tracking devices are approved and authorised to alert the police instantly incase of theft detection.

    Thatcham Insurance

    Scorpion S5 insurance approved tracker with DRST so ultimate connected van package.

    Motion / Speed Alerts

    Sensitive sensors onboard our Thatcham approved tracking systems will alert you about any unauthorised vehicle movements as well as speed violations.

    Unauthorised Driving Alert

    If your vehicle starts moving or the engine is turned on without your personal keyfob, the authorities will be alerted instantly.

    Remote Immobilisation

    Immobilise your vehicle remotely in the event of theft and prevent the engine from starting again until the authorities arrive.

    Driver ID Tags

    Prevent unauthorised use of your vehicle with the Pro S5 driver identification tags. These tags can be added directly to your keychain.

    Features Defender Protector Protector Pro Protector Pro S5
    Cab Protection
    Back of Vehicle Protection
    Separate Immobilisation
    120W Siren Rear
    Horn Sounds on Alarm Activation
    Indicator Flash
    2 Bright Blue LED Lights in Pillars
    Uses The Original Manufacturers Key
    Warn Away System
    Additional 120W Siren
    Shock Warn Away
    Scorpion S5 Insurance Approved Tracker
    Phone & Email Notifications
    Phone App
    Fleet Tracking
    0% Finance Available

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