Ultimate Guard Motorhome Alarm

Insurance & Thatcham Approved Motorhome Alarm

The 999 Security Motorhome Alarm system is the UK’s leading motorhome alarm. With multiple advanced sensors, loud sirens and an exclusive remote locking system, the alarm provides maximum theft protection.

  • Fully Thatcham & insurance approved motorhome alarm
  • Advanced ultrasonic intruder sensors for maximum theft protection
  • Loud 120 decibel sirens to deter thieves
  • Easy remote locking
  • Ultimate cab door & habitation door protection
  • Battery backup siren
Includes free fitting at a time and location that suits you.

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    999 Motorhome Alarm & Tracker System Benefits

    Ultrasonic Sensors to Protect from Any Form of Attempted Entry

    Ultrasonic sensor protection in the cabin and main living area as well as door contact sensors. Unlike competitors, our sensors come as standard and are not an additional cost

    Loud Sirens to deter Thieves 

    120db sirens are installed under the bonnet and within the motorhome to provide a loud audible deterrent.

    Easy Remote Locking

    The motorhome alarm is set up to arm and disarm from the original motorhome manufacturer remote control. If your motorhome has no central locking we can install with 2 remote controls.

    Fully Thatcham & Insurer Approved Alarm System

    Our motorhome alarm is fully Thatcham Approved to ensure that the alarm meets strict security requirements. Additionally, this also means that the product complies with insurer requirements.

    Providing You With The Ultimate Motorhome Theft Protection

    Advanced Theft Sensors & Alarm Providing You With Peace of Mind

    Protect your motorhome with the ultimate motorhome alarm system. With the rise in motorhome theft, our alarm system takes motorhome security to the next level. Combining advanced ultrasonic sensors with 120-decibel alarms, the system ensures that you have peace of mind when leaving your motorhome.

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    Protect your motorhome with the UK’s leading motorhome security system

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