• Instant notifications to your phone if alarm is activated
  • Disable the van on your phone
  • Tracking app included so you can see where van has been and set location restrictions
  • Warn away alarm on cab windows for an audible deterrent
  • Shock protection in rear of van if thieves try to pull door
  • Long range pager remote alerts you of alarm activation
  • 3 120DB sirens in van if alarms is activated

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Our best selling alarm system now has been designed solely by us for van owners and not an out of the box solution. Nobody else has a system like this and we are proud of what we have developed.


The thinking behind the system is to PRE EMT damage to the vehicle thus warn away and sirens and flashing lights to deter the thief before he causes damage.

Our system is the only system available that gives you multi notifications to your IPHONE when the alarm is activated- You may sleep through one beep but 30 seconds of notifications not.

You can disable the van at any point on the APP so it will not start (this overrides the van keys so if the app says no even with keys it will not start)

Long-range pager remote vibrates sound alerts and has multi-LED lights on it so if alarm is activated

It’s a bespoke system supplied designed and installed only by us just for van owners that can be adapted if required to suit customers needs.


WARN AWAY feature is included so if you go near the windows of the vehicle the siren chirps three times
Additional shock sensor fitted by the SIDE LOADING door as this is the most venerable part and easiest way to get into the van(if they start pulling at the door goes to alarm mode)
Alarm SIREN IN CAB 120db
Under bonnet siren (6 sequence multi-tone siren so your ears do not get used to one tone)120db
Cab detection is windows smashed or doors forced entry
Detection in rear if doors forced entry or roof/doors cut open.
4 blue light around the cab which warn away potential thefts at night and during day
VIPER sign in window,flashes bright at night- Two flashing LEDs fitted in window pillars-Long range pager remote has flashing LED also so FOUR in the cab in total.
Shock sensor on the main unit in van as well as a separate immobilisation circuit so when the van alarm is set the vehicle even with manufacturers key will not start.
2 Remote FOBS one has long-range pager one is back up normal fob without pager,

Fully fitted at your location be it home, works address or on-site


Full fleet monitoring tracking facility so you can see when the vehicle is, its history, speed, set geofences to get you alerts when the van leaves a location. G5 Tracking on our website.

Contact us for further details let us know how we can help you.