Viper Car alarm with Warn Away and long range pager remote


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Car alarm

Viper car alarm system can be integrated to use your existing key in some cases or stand alone system.

You can choose if you require WARN away or just if the vehicle is open or windows smashed.

Has separate immobilisation circuit so vehicle will not start with manufacturers key when alarm is set

Blue Flashing Viper Windscreen Sticker & the long range pager remote has a flashing LED so four in total.

The Blue Flashing Viper Windscreen Sticker gives a clear, instant & obvious signal that your vehicle has an aftermarket security system installed.

Stinger DoubleGuard shock sensor  if vehicle banged or shocked it sets the alarm off.

Long range pager remote works 2000ft from the vehicle so if the alarm is activated the long range pager alerts you and gives audible and visual notifications

Additional remote fob non long range pager supplied.

Connect to G5 Deadlock system:

Can be connected to our G5 Deadlock system for a additional £150 so you get notifications through to your phone of car alarm activation.

Full tracking facility so you can see live location, vehicles  history,battery voltage all on our G5 Deadlock page of this www

The ability to TURN THE CAR OFF so it will not start on the APP even with keys

MSN Sim so roams all networks to get best signal and works in Europe

Additional £150 plus either £9.99 DD monthly or £99PA subscription