G5 FLEET tracking

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We now offer our own TRACKING platform so such great value if you don’t need insurance approved products and just need a tracking device for your vehicle/HG fleet/asset monitoring device.

Fully fitted to your vehicle for £199 the device is yours from day one to move to another vehicle if you wish.


Simply tracking solutions showing:

Where the vehicle has been

Its live location &  speed

Set alerts so if the vehicle leaves a location you get a notification

Low battery notification

High speed or movement notification.

Shows battery voltage

Works in Europe

2 Year guarantee

£199 fitted then a low  £9.99 Monthly fee minimum contract three months.

Check out the videos below as to all the features of the unit

All your vehicles and devices on our platform so you have total control over your fleet/assets.

Immobilisation available THE G5 DEADLOCK SYSTEM  with this device so you can turn the vehicle off on a APP so it will not restart.

£375 fitted.

Multiple device/Fleet/Plant/Hire options available call us for a quote