Datatool TracKKing Adventure S7 Motorbike Tracker


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Datatool TracKKing Adventure S7 tracker

The Datatool TrakKING is a GPS/GSM based service to help track and recover your stolen motorcycle or scooter. The unit is automatically activated as soon as the vehicle ignition is switched off.
Featuring a dedicated secure website, you have the access to locate your bike or scooter at any time
This system comes with 36 months warranty giving you confidence in build quality

TrakKING requires an additional subscription fee for 24/7 vehicle monitoring
The TrakKING will send you an SMS text message at the first sign of movement. If the movement then continues and your vehicle is moved away from where it was parked, the TrakKING system will enter full alert mode and the dedicated 24/7/365 vehicle monitoring team will jump into action.
In the event of a suspected theft, the Vehicle Monitoring Team will contact the owner immediately and if a theft is confirmed, will liaise with the Police on the owner’s behalf to aid recovery. Thanks to the virtually instant notification of theft, recovery of the stolen bike is far more likely than when a theft is reported several hours after the event.
Whilst having the name ‘tracker’ you can be rest assured that the TrakKING has been designed purely as a theft recovery service and will not log the journey history or log speed data unless the vehicle is confirmed as stolen in which the full journey and speed data is then retained for the police.
The TrakKING also monitors the vehicle’s battery notifying you of a low battery condition before the battery becomes discharged. If the battery is disconnected from your vehicle, an alert will also be sent to the monitoring team

£109 PA

£309 3 Years


£9.95 DD Monthly