Clifford Connect CAT 6 S7

£299.00 £249.00

Includes installation.



All our Category 6/7 Tracking Systems are Thatcham & Insurance Approved. Your insurance company may ask you for a Category 6/7 Tracking Systems or even a Category 5. The Category 6/7 Tracking Systems are used as extra security for your vehicle but they can also help make your insurance lower if they have not demanded one already.


Clifford Connect £249 Installed

This tracker is suitable for customers who want more features such as history and geo fencing where the smart track is just a live location tracker.

You get a APP on your phone showing the live location and vehicle history etc


  • Thatcham assured – insurance recognised tracking devices tested to Category S7 or Category 6 standard.
  • Secure online access –  location and history of journeys through our secure portal.
  • Geofence protection – allowing you to add a perimeter around a location for added security, you are then contacted by email if the vehicle enters or exits that area.
  • Movement alerts –  You will be contacted if your vehicle is moved without the ignition being used (trailered or towed away).
  • Vehicle Battery Monitoring – you are contacted if the vehicle battery is running low or disconnected.
  • Direct Debit Monthly subscription via Direct Debit.*
  • Fully transferable – from vehicle to vehicle by an approved Clifford engineer.*
  • Warranty standard 3 year warranty with all Clifford Connect tracking devices.*

All Clifford Connect tracking devices are recognised by UK insurance companies through the Thatcham standard. The device is covertly installed by an approved Clifford engineer. Once the device is installed the device is monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by the Global Telemetrics Secure Control Centre.


1 YEAR £149.00


DIRECT DEBIT £12.49 monthly