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    The Protector Pro S5 Motorhome Alarm

    Only £999.00 Fully Fitted at Your Location

    0% Finance Available – £249 Per Month x 4 Months OR £83.25 For 12 Months.

    The Protector Pro S5 is a bespoke alarm that help prevent your Motorhome from theft & secure your vehicle and contents.

    Designed to warn away potential thieves, before any damage is done.

    When approaching the Motorhome’s driver or passenger window, the alarm system initiates a chirping sound and the Motorhome’s indicators flashes.

    The cab and the habitation area are protected and the alarm also detects forced entry such as smashed windows, opened skylights, and opened habitation doors. The habitation door is protected and we install a wireless PIR in the habitation area which is small and discreet. You can add additional sensors if you have lockers or garage for £99 and door/window contacts for £49.

    If the alarms is activated, the Motorhome’s horn sounds, its indicators flash and a 120w loud siren is triggered in the cab and rear of the Motorhome.

    We also fit an additional shock sensor in the rear of the Motorhome & two blue LED lights are installed in the Motorhome’s pillars to warn thieves that aftermarket security is fitted.

    This system comes with two driver recognition tags and an additional immobilisation layer and the fact that if the alarm is activated the monitoring station call you so you get a phone call, notification & email.

    So, if one of the tags are not in the vehicle, it simply will not start

    The S5 tracker is supplied by Scorpion automotive who have manufactured vehicle security and tracking since 1973.

    The system is also a full fleet tracker so you can see a live location on the APP and the vehicles history. You can also set geofences, so you get alerts when a vehicle leaves and arrives at locations.

    Subscription required to keep tracker enabled (£12.49 per month).

    All our systems are not available from any other manufacturer or supplier, we design and install the systems ourselves and have made the systems from multi different parts combined together to make a superb package.

    All This For Just £999.00!