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Here at 999 Vehicle Security, we are specialist and love anything to do with water and have owned Yachts & Power Boats ourselves over the years.

If your boat is a charter boat you can enable the vessel electrics on your app on your phone before the vessel starts and receive intruder alerts or shore power loss fire alert from the alarm system.

Ideal for RIBS Wakeboard schools PWC and charters etc so you have total control over your boats activities.

We install systems on Yachts-Motor Cruisers-Sports Boats-Speed Boats-Ribs-Narrow Boats and anything else that floats and has a battery!

There are numerous products and systems on the market and we are tied to no particular supplier so can bespoke a system as you require.
We work in the Solent and Uk and Europe and all our engineers are specially trained and work to the highest standard on your vessel.

  • Our systems can include:
  • Bilge alarms and high water detection
  • Cabin galley saloon PIR detection
  • Locker & hatch protection
  • Fire alarms
  • Panic alarms
  • Fuel Level alarm
  • Mast sounders & Led lights
  • Immobilisation of vessels engine or electrics
  • Silent alarm & pet and night mode programming options.
  • Multi-remote devices

Tracking systems

GEO Fence can be added so if the vessel moves out of a marina or the engine starts you get a notification or even if the vessel goes over a certain speed
Tracking and movement detection IE speed boat on tailor without ignition on ( monitored and self monitored systems)
Shore power loss and intruder alarm notifications ( monitored or self monitored options)
Ignition cut off and fuel and main power cut off (can be done automatically via app)

Please give us a call and let us advise you of the products that suits your needs.

Call 0800 246 1482 For Free Advice