Protect Your Company & Your Drivers with an Alcohol Breathalyser Interlock System
  • Reassurance that your drivers are always within legal alcohol limits
  • Reduced disruption to service with instant SMS alerts of failure
  • Installation to suit you – anywhere, any time, 7 days a week
  • Instant SMS alerts notifications and emails of failure and the ability to connect direct to the unit and find a exact location and status of the vehicle.

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    Alcohol Breathalyser Interlock System

    The driver blows into the alcohol sensor to verify that they are under the legal limit, which will release the immobiliser allowing the vehicle to start. Drivers who are over the legal limit will be prevented from starting their vehicles by the unit remaining immobilised.

    The unit can be configured to lock out or allow multiple resets to release the immobiliser thus allowing a driver to wait until their blood alcohol level drops and blow into the sensor again. If the Re-test Feature is selected then at predefined intervals the system will require a new breath sample to be provided. This ensures that the drivers are re-tested at random while on route.

    All sample information and failures are stored in a non volatile memory with date and time stamp

    If a failure occurs this can be automatically communicated if the optional tracker unit by notification SMS or email to a destination selected by you.,

    The device is comparable to that of a police breathalyser. The electrochemical sensor specifically measures alcohol, which ensures that other exhaled substances do not distort the measurement

    The unit required service and calibration each year and can only be installed by accredited installation firms such as 999 Vehicle Security.

    Open 7 days a week 8am to 7pm.

    4 months interest free credit available. Credit and debit cards taken.

    We can calibrate for ZERO tolerance and English, Scottish and EU limits. Discreet fitting service.

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