What is a Cat 5 Tracker

The main feature of Cat 5 that increases the chance of recovering a stolen vehicle is the use of a driver card or know as a ADR Tag.

This driver card arms and disarms the tracking system. The driver or ADR card is a small electronic device that transmits to the tracker.

If the card is not near the vehicle then the system arms. If the car is then stolen the tracking device sends out a silent alert to the operations centre.

The 24 hour operations centre then call the driver to confirm the theft.

Once the theft is confirmed Global telemetrics the monitoring station will liaise directly with the police to track and recover the vehicle.

A mandatory requirement of a cat 5 tracker is engine immobilisation. This stops the vehicle from being restarted. This command is only given when the police can see of the vehicle. Both the ADR card and immobilisation features will increase the chances of getting your car back with minimal damage.

Cat 5 trackers start at £599 fitted and the monthly direct debit is £16.99- PA £199 Duration of vehicle ownership £599
We are fully qualified and accredited to fit CAT 5 trackers here at Ghost Installations so be assured your car is in safe hands with us.
Thatcham Category 5 Quality Assured TQA560
Waterproof to IP67 specification
Driver Recognition System (inc 2 driver tags)
Ideal for cars, vans, HGVs and leisure vehicles (including motorhomes)
Secure online account to view the location of your vehicle
Monitored 24 hours a day by Global Telemetrics
Low battery and battery disconnection alerts
Movement alerts (vehicle is moved without the presence of a driver tag)
Immobilisation (by Police request)
Fully transferable (Terms and Conditions apply)
3 year warranty (extendable to 12 years)
Optional alarm activation alert*

What is a Cat 6 Trackers

The latest Thatcham Cat 6 Trackers can recognise the illegal movement of your vehicle via motion sensing technology.
Once this is confirmed the theft, a 24/7 control centre will track your vehicle and work with the police until it is recovered.
The unit has its own backup battery and you are not into a contract.

• Thatcham Approved (Thatcham Quality Assured) CAT 6 and S7
• Guard and Recover as standard
• GPS/GSM tech for location and communication utilising internal aerials
• 24 Hour Secure Control Centre
• Transferable from vehicle to vehicle (by a SmarTrack approved engineer only)
• Motion sensor incorporated (customer is called if vehicle moved without the ignition)
• Battery Disconnect Warning (customer is called if vehicle battery is disconnected)
• Low vehicle battery warning (customer is texted if vehicle battery runs low)
• On board internal rechargeable battery back up
• 3 year manufacturers warranty
• Transferable (by SmarTrack approved engineer)
• Free Global Telemetrics Android and Apple App for locations


What is a Cat S7 Tracker

From 1st January 2019, Thatcham Categories 6 and 7 were replaced with the new Thatcham Category S7. All previous Category 6 & 7 systems are automatically compliant with the new ‘Asset Location Systems’ criteria Category S7.

What happens if I change my car or sell it?

If you change your car we can move the tracker from one vehicle to another if you are paying direct debit and we will charge you a fee for doing that.
Its usually around £100 assuming both cars are side by side.
If we have to make two trips it would be £180
You can cancel the contract at any point just let the monitoring centre know this.

Am I tied into a long contract?

Our trackers are chosen as we want you back as a customer time and time again, we use the products we use as customers circumstances change so you don’t want to be involved in a two or three year contract.
At any point you can cancel if you are paying by direct debit just let the monitoring station know

If somebody disconnects the battery does that mean it doesn’t work?

The unit has a back up battery inbuilt so it can hold its own for a while and always tracks the last location

Can I track the car myself?

Yes you can, we give you the log in details and you can get the APP on your phone or the desktop version to see a location of your car at any point!

If my car gets stolen what happens?

Firstly the monitoring station will try and get hold of you to verify this, and then take the appropriate action informing the Police.

What happens if my battery is disconnected or goes flat?

You will get a call from the monitoring station advising you of this and to take action regarding the flat battery.

Will it flatten my battery if the car is left at the airport car park or at home whilst I am away on holiday?

Quick answer is NO the unit draws very little power so don’t worry!

What’s the process to get fitted?

Ring us on 0800 2461482 and we can discuss what product you need and arrange booking you in.
The engineer will arrive at the time and date organised with you and fit the tracker and commission it with the monitoring station.
The monitoring station will then ring you and get as many phone numbers as you have and take further address details and car details and set up the direct debit or take the PA payment as suits you.
That’s it done then you can sleep easier at night!
We give you a full receipt and you have the serial numbers of the tracker and details of the device for your insurance.


S5 Tracker was designed and built as the replacement for the well-known, Thatcham Category 5 system.

Thatcham S5 now supersedes the Category 5 (as of January 1st, 2019) and is the highest level of tracking system available making it suitable for all vehicle make and models, whether it be for insurance requirements or just peace of mind.


Thatcham S5 tracking systems are a proactive system which continually monitors the vehicle’s position (just as all our

S7 do) however they have the unique benefit of the driver identification function and the META system has the ability to disable the vehicle yourself on the APP on your phone


Driver Identification requires a small tag to be carried on the vehicles keys (or in your pocket and kept separate from the keys), should the vehicle be driven without the presence of the ID tag then the S5 Tracker creates an alert that is sent to the 24 hour control room which is verified by human before contact to the owner is made via the supplied emergency contact telephone numbers.



A Cat 5 /S5 Tracker has the ability to cut out the engine start system of your vehicle so if it is stolen this can be disabled by the monitoring company.

Thatcham Category 6

*Thatcham Category 6 is now superseded by Thatcham Category S7*


  • Internal battery back up
  • Communicates via RF frequency
  • Communicates via GPS
  • Pin point accurate tracking (within 3 metres)
  • Full European tracking cover
  • Battery disconnect alert
  • Movement sensor alert
  • 24-hour monitoring
  • Some tracking system manufacturers offered the ability to add driver recognition (SmartTrack).


Thatcham Category 5 – Often requested by insurers for vehicles over 70k.


  • All those of the category 6 and S7 (they’re both the same don’t forget).
  • Automatic driver recognition by way of a driver ID card.
  • Remote engine immobilisation (Upon Police request).


  • Driver ID – this makes the system proactive and means that should the vehicle be stolen by key theft of key replicating while you’re in bed at 5am then you will receive a call within minutes of the vehicle driving. This driver ID card is to be kept away from the vehicle keys nor is it to be left in the vehicle as this renders the system ineffective.
  • Remote Engine Immobilisation.
  • Proactive systems which alerts of vehicle theft within minutes


Thatcham Category S5 – As of January 2019 this is the new category name for Thatcham Category 5 but with a few changes.


  • All those of Thatcham category 6 and 5 but some features are now optional such as;
  • The driver ID card can now be kept on the keys.
  • Remote engine immobilisation is now an option and is not a requirement.


Thatcham Category S7 – This is the new name for Thatcham Category 6 devices as of January 2019.


  • All features remain the same as the category 6, just a category name change.


What’s the benefit or Driver ID? 

A standard category 6/S7 tracking system does not use driver ID and is simply a reactive system which other than the vehicle being towed away, or a power disconnection being detected the vehicle can be driven away without alerting you.

. The tracking system wouldn’t know the difference between you driving it and a thief with your keys or cloned keys.


Now let’s say you that same scenario happens with a Thatcham Category 5 or S5 installed – as soon as the vehicle is driven away the tracking system will recognise that the driver ID card is not present and silently alert the control room at which point you will be contacted within minutes to clarify the location of the vehicle.

This way you are on to the theft within minutes and have the best possible chance of recovering your vehicle.

A System with Driver ID is always the best option in our opinion


Please call us or email us to discuss any tracking issue you have we are happy to help and assist you


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