23 May 2020

We as a company are acting responsibly to take precautions and have implemented the following procedures to work safely on your vehicle.

Please can you read them and adhere to them to protect yourself and our engineers, if you or your family have any symptoms or are isolating let us know.


This is your new customer journey!

The customer makes contact with us and an installation date is agreed with a £100 deposit is left card over the phone as normal procedure.


1 As before, our engineers ring/text customer the evening before or first thing in the AM with an ETA for the day. Then again an updated ETA when on route to them.

2 We will arrive on location and wear a new set of PROTECTIVE GLOVES  we can either talk to you over the phone as to how we will carry out the works on your vehicle or you can speak to us observing the 2m distance rule at all times.

3 We will ask you to leave the keys on a wall/floor or at some third party location so you don’t hand the keys to us and we will give the keys and wipe with anti-bacterial wipes and clean for our protection.

4 We will wear our facemask now and clean the areas of your vehicle with antibacterial wipes /spray that we will be working in and around. We will NOT sit on your seats.

5 We will carry out all works to your vehicle wearing FACEMASKS & Disposable gloves and using again more wipes as required to complete the works.

6 When we have finished working we will wipe and clean the areas we have worked in thoroughly and place the keys and any paperwork on a wall/floor or third party location for you to collect.

7 We will then explain to you observing the 2m rule how the system operates or ring you to explain over the phone how it operates.( all products come with an instruction manual also don’t worry)

8 ALL PAYMENTS TO BE MADE VIA CARD OVER THE PHONE to our office 0800 246 1482 we would ask you to call them whilst we are there to finalise the account balance, or bank transfer if you wish. ( cash is accepted as last resort)

9 We will leave then and dispose of any wipes masks and gloves we have used for your works in a sealed bag for disposal.


Thank you for adhering to the above procedures