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999 Vehicle Securities latest integrated Car Alarm S5 tracker package. Our new ultimate security system only available through 999 Vehicle Security.

If the alarm is activated at any point then the 24/7 monitoring station will send you an email, text, and call you so that you can ensure the safety of your car. It’s also the highest insurance-approved monitored system on the market.


The new 999 Vehicle Security Van Alarm S5 tracker package is our new ultimate security system only available at 999 Vehicle Security.

If the Van Alarm is activated the 24/7 monitoring station sends you, or your staff, an email, text, and will even call you to ensure your van is safe. It’s also the highest level of insurance approval monitored system.


999 Vehicle Security in conjunction with Scorpion Automotive offers an additional integrated alarm system & S5 tracker package offering total protection for your vehicle, habitation area & lockers and linked with an S5 tracker to lower your insurance.

If your motorhome alarm is activated the24/7 monitoring station will send you a email, text, and call you.

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999 Vehicle Security

999 Vehicle Security started its journey in the North of England but now has engineers based remotely all over the UK and an office in London.

Our engineers are highly qualified and are used to working on high-end cars at main dealers and showing great attention to detail.

We are a privately owned independent company with no ties to suppliers or a particular product brand we just promote the equipment we think is best for your needs not our commission.

Our van alarms have been designed by us specifically for purpose and are being developed constantly and are not a out of the box solution.

We are constantly updating products and looking for new ways to combat vehicle theft & crime.